6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams

6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams

 6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams

If you have heard him you would think you know all about him and his songs. My previous post was on an obsession with sultans of swing where I talked about Mark Knopfler. Now, let me tell you 6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams!

Never thought I will see Bryan Adams Live

Before I go to that let me narrate how I came upon this story. Recently, I got a chance to attend a live concert of none other than the great Bryan Adams at Bangalore.

I never had thought in the ’90s when I was a student of the Armed Forces Medical College, that I will ever listen to the “Summer of 69”, live in concert, in year 2018! Unlike my son who has promised himself to watch the “Eagles” live in the future, I had never promised myself that I will attend his live concert sometime in life.

Booking tickets on Bookmyshow

Anyway, it had to happen so and if Bryan Adams hadn’t toured India this year (2018), I probably wouldn’t have been lucky enough to watch him live. After the event was announced I decided I will buy four tickets for the family and self and went on to the website “Bookmyshow” to do so.

I had not expected tickets to be very affordable, nevertheless, after a number of aborted attempts, I went on to click the buy button. I bought only two tickets as my cousin had bought the other two.

So we drove to the venue and it felt that of the number of cars travelling in the same direction there were many who had Bryan Adams songs playing. In fact, it could have become a car game for kids to identify those going to the concert. The venue was at the outskirts of the city near the Kempegowda International Airport.

Bangalore the pub capital of the country

There were signs of “Alcohol not permitted” outside the venue. It seemed very disappointing to a large number of youth attending the concert of a guy at least twice their age. But as soon as we got inside I saw that the biggest line belonged to the stall selling Beer! How after all could there be no beer in the pub capital of the country?

The Indian parents’ point of view

When we were eagerly waiting for the concert to begin, my son was excited to buy T-Shirts from the merchandise stalls. For me it was different. I just wanted to soak in the experience of a lifetime and felt no value in buying unreasonably priced merchandise after buying rather expensive tickets. My son obviously felt just the opposite. As all Indian parents do, I somehow thrust upon him my ideas and opinions and felt great that I did manage to make him see my viewpoint and save a few bucks. I was pretty sure I convinced him and he was pretty sure he wasn’t!

Aditi Singh Sharma and her Bollywood hits

The organizers then threw the biggest surprise on the unsuspecting audiences who had gathered in reasonably large numbers. There must have been around 20K people out there all waiting for Bryan Adams to emerge onto the stage and out came Aditi Singh Sharma to sing her Bollywood songs.

Aditi singh sharma

I must say that she belted out hit after hit in the Bollywood scene, but the crowd wasn’t interested and made it amply clear of how unwelcome she was. She was (un)welcomed by massive booing, but despite that, she managed to hold her ground for a never-ending hour plus. If anybody asks me for an unbiased opinion, I think she was outstanding. On her own, she would have rocked the concert but she had Bryan Adams following and that was a really tough call for her.

The Bryan Adams (im)-poster

The organizers further tested the impatient crowd. Aditi left the stage and a big (im)poster of Bryan Adams occupied the stage for the next half hour or so. Bryan Adams (im)poster, painted in bright colours was absolutely still except for a bumble bee which kept flying around him. He finally did what a lizard or frog does to an insect; put out his tongue and swallowed it!

The Celestial Show

It is needless to say that his concert was mesmerizing. It kept everyone on their toes. People were waving lit mobile phones to the tune of his songs and the impact was celestial. He related so well with the crowd and sang all his popular songs.Even though the planes landing at Bangalore Airport flew right above the arena, he seemed to incorporate them into the scheme of things. He would or pause just a bit when an aircraft flew by and make it seem to all that it was by design. In short, the crowd loved it. It was then that I learnt what an awesome human being this guy is. There are some facts about this great person that I would love to share with you. I bet these are the 6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams!

6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams!

6 facts you didn't know about Bryan Adams

So here they are, the 6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams;

  1. He loved music so much that he asked his parents to invest in his music rather than his studies. And his father agreed! He bought him a piano with the money meant for his education. How cool is that?
  2. Though he as an ace rock guitarist, singer and songwriter he started with the piano!
  3. He has happily never married!
  4. He is a vegan. Kind of unbelievable but true!
  5. He is an avid photographer and in that an award-winning one too. His photo of Queen Elizabeth II is now a Canadian postage stamp! He has donated loads of money coming off his photography ventures for the cause of cancer.
  6. He comes from an Army background and that is special. His dad was a Canadian Army Officer. He moved around with his parents during his childhood (and was a typical army brat I suppose). He is at present an active anti-war campaigner!


So dear friends as I come to the close of yet another post called 6 facts you didn’t know about Bryan Adams, I do hope that you enjoyed reading it.  It’s time to subscribe to the warmstrings.com blog.  I will personally update you!

This would be the final post for this year. I wish you all a very happy and blessed 2019. Have a great year ahead!

Happy music to you all!

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