The Era of Compact Audio Cassettes

So after the early morning radio and MS Subbulakshmi (which I dealt with in my previous blog) my friends I’ll talk to you about the era of compact audio cassettes.

The era of Compact Audio Cassettes

The era of compact audio cassettes

Hello, my Dear Friends!

Home to School without FM music

I would get ready for school listening to all the Classical stuff on Radio and walk out of home to the bus stop. There was literally no music (except for the music room at school which is another story and I shall be visiting it some other time) when I traveled from home to school. Can you imagine there was no Radiomirchi or RedFM, Fever 104.4 etc or any other of the FM channels in India today…as there was no FM radio at all?

Bollywood Hits…. but not on my radio…

When I got back home I would get to hear the then latest Bollywood music like “I am a disco dancer, Qurbani Qurbani Qurbani, disco deewane aha etc. And can anybody’s guess how I listened to these latest so-called hits, (more…)

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Early Morning Radio and MS Subbulakshmi

Gone are those days when we had an “Early Morning Radio and MS Subbulakshmi”…… Sounds pretty dismal and depressing, doesn’t it? But no, probably better times have come (as my children claim).  Moreover the good times are here to stay and I’m (actually the children are) sure it will get better and better. This article is also a tribute to the Great Musician MS Subbulakshmi.

Early Morning Radio and MS Subbulakshmi

Hey, Happy Music folks!

“Gone are those days”…

When I said, “gone are those days…” I was referring to the way we used to listen to music. It was so very different from how we go about it in the present day. (more…)

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Music-The Ultimate Relaxation

Hello there! Let us visit the topic “music-the ultimate relaxation” today…

When I say “music the ultimate relaxation” today, I will probably be telling you all something you already may know, but it is so important and vital that it certainly deserves a relook. And therefore it’s my duty today to discuss how music relaxes the body, soul, and mind.

Music the best-known stress buster

Music is known to be a stress buster. Everyone needs music to be a part of their life. Life would be so boring without the magical effects of music playing on one’s body and soul. After a busy day at the office or where ever you work or whatever you do, music is the only thing that acts as a reset button in your life. (more…)

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The Doctor who heals with music…

Can a doctor be a musician and practice music therapy?

Hello…..!! I am Dr. ASK. That stands for Dr. Anand Shankar Kannapur. I use music as a therapy in the sick patients that I care for.

Well, I’m into music from my childhood. At a point in time, it looked that music will be my profession! But then things were to change course a lot and I ended up making myself a doctor. Yes, a doctor who treats sick patients. But I’m clawing back into making music more than just my one-time hobby.

I trained hard and long and became a super qualified doctor, quite popular with my patients I must say, and I did well in the field of medicine. (more…)

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