The Doctor who heals with music…

The Doctor who heals with music…

Can a doctor be a musician and practice music therapy?

Hello…..!! I am Dr. ASK. That stands for Dr. Anand Shankar Kannapur. I use music as a therapy in the sick patients that I care for.

Well, I’m into music from my childhood. At a point in time, it looked that music will be my profession! But then things were to change course a lot and I ended up making myself a doctor. Yes, a doctor who treats sick patients. But I’m clawing back into making music more than just my one-time hobby.

I trained hard and long and became a super qualified doctor, quite popular with my patients I must say, and I did well in the field of medicine. More importantly, no one could take away my musical instincts and (my talents certainly helped) from me and the longer I practiced as a doctor the more impact music had on me and my career.

Sick elderly patients undergoing music therapy

Music is vital in everyone’s life

I realized how important music is for everybody including sick people. It’s more important for the sick I guess as it does have an immense potential to heal and I can stand testimony to this fact.

Music in the Intensive care unit

I work in an Intensive care unit and my patients are the sickest of them all. There were patients on ventilators and other ones who clung on to their dear life and if there was one thing that brought peace of mind to them it was music.

I will share many more insights into this subject and let you know how my patients are doing through this blog. Besides I hope that it will keep you updated and amused to learn about the story of me and my patients.

music concert as a music therapy

Music with the power of healing

Therefore I’m into healing and music is a powerful medium and tool to help achieve this goal. I understand in depth the therapeutic effects of music very, very well, have applied all that I am going to write here in this blog in the near future as a therapy on my patients and they did very well. I’m very happy to share my views and experiences.

My dear members of the warmstrings community, I request you to just look out for my future blogs. Also, do listen to a few songs that I shall upload intermittently. You may love them …. And if you do please share and subscribe as it will go a long way to encourage me and the purpose of making music for healing.

I’m so excited to be here with all of you. I trust that I’ll see you soon in another post…

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