LP records of my times

LP records of my times

Today’s blog is about LP records of my times.

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Last time I wrote about the top 5 places for the latest music. Today I will take you back on a journey of my younger days and talk to you about LP records of my times. I was one of the lucky few ones to hear the latest English songs, back in those days. And the most popular bands of the time were ABBA and Boney M and they were stars. They had more of pop music feel though rock music was really popular and very much existed back then. To rock music, I was introduced at College and we will visit that page later.

Back to Bangalore with LP records of my time

LP records of my times

As I told you before my parents migrated back to Bangalore, India after 5 years at Leuven, Belgium. And a few imported gadgets came home by ship after a few months which included a Long Playing (LP) record player(very contemporary then but vintage now) also known as a turntable and spool player. They were a novelty in our campus, and I don’t remember any of my friends having such equipment at their homes.
We had two types of LP records, one with 78 rpm and the other with 33 1/3 rpm (revolutions per minute). The LP records of my times included ABBA, Tony Bennet, The Sound of Music and more. There were others with Carnatic Classical music too, but ABBA was my favourite. I’m not sure we had Boney M in that list of LP’s that my father possessed, but their music did create a lasting impression. As you are aware, all this fantastic music I could share not on a bluetooth device as there were none. The only way to share music was to play it really loud or to physically share the LP records.

Thomas Edison and the phonograph

LP records of my times

And isn’t it so wonderful to know that the phonograph that was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877 was there right at my home in 1977 in its later version? Even a hundred years later, not bad! Edison etched electrical sound waves on to tin foils using a pin and later reversed the process to play sound through a horn. What a brilliant idea! Emile Berliner later invented the gramophone where he recorded sound on a rubber disc and later that changed to vinyl.
This piece of equipment had a transducer with a stylus made of diamond or some metal. The stylus converted the imprints on the record to electric signals and then it played as sound. I work with transducers of a different type in my field of medicine. But they are of a different type. With them, I can see sound. Yes, these transducers convert sound into pictures. Curious to know more? Well, there’s a blog about that later and I suggest you follow me right till there and ahead. And if you do know what I’m writing about just leave a comment below.

Phonograph as an aid to teaching

But getting back to the present story, my father was a professor. It is a coincidence that Thomas Edison initially invented the phonograph for dictation and teaching. And my father was deep into teaching his subject which was Agronomy. I didn’t, however, see him use the LP player for any teaching. It was purely for music.

LP records of my times and my favourites

Mama Mia, Fernando and I do I do I do I do were my favourite songs from ABBA. 
The stereo effects at that era were unparalleled. The ‘Sound of music’ record, also a favourite, I played innumerable times and the grooves totally wore out. This would result in one part of the record playing again and again. The frequently used phrase in Hindi was ‘record atak gaya’ or the record is stuck or scratched. A phrase also used in India to indicate when someone repeats oneself a number of times unnecessarily.
We had a large collection of records at home and over time as technology changed, these became irrelevant to our lives. We stopped listening to them and dust gathered on the record player. Later they were moved to the storage area and went out of sight.

Where did all the LP players and records go?

LP records of my times
When I recollected a few thoughts about these records recently, I was wondering where they had all disappeared. I wondered where all such things finally go.  Can I possibly can’t get one like those today?  Sweet memories I associated with them. I missed them badly and the recollected the beautiful era and I felt like getting one. I decided to explore the Internet and sure enough, hoping to find one and I found so many old antique gramophones and records on OLX. The site has the tagline ‘OLX pe bech de’ (Sell it on OLX) a site that sells and buys second-hand stuff. Some players were also available on Amazon too. You may buy players and records but you can’t buy back time.

Time to sign up dear friends

That’s it for now dear friends. Today I have written about LP records of my times. I have a bit to say about the spool player too but that’s for later. I will cover Boney M also my favourite, subsequently. Keep yourself updated with the most enjoyable music blog by signing up. Hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing it. Do click on the link to purchase!
So until next time. Happy music to you all!

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