The Era of Compact Audio Cassettes

So after the early morning radio and MS Subbulakshmi (which I dealt with in my previous blog) my friends I’ll talk to you about the era of compact audio cassettes.

The era of Compact Audio Cassettes

The era of compact audio cassettes

Hello, my Dear Friends!

Home to School without FM music

I would get ready for school listening to all the Classical stuff on Radio and walk out of home to the bus stop. There was literally no music (except for the music room at school which is another story and I shall be visiting it some other time) when I traveled from home to school. Can you imagine there was no Radiomirchi or RedFM, Fever 104.4 etc or any other of the FM channels in India today…as there was no FM radio at all?

Bollywood Hits…. but not on my radio…

When I got back home I would get to hear the then latest Bollywood music like “I am a disco dancer, Qurbani Qurbani Qurbani, disco deewane aha etc. And can anybody’s guess how I listened to these latest so-called hits, (more…)

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