Top 5 places for the latest music

Top 5 places for the latest music

About being a doctor and black magic was my previous post. I thank you all for liking and appreciating it. Before I go on, I want to remind you that my post on ABBA and Boney M will be releasing soon. Do keep a look out for it. In the meanwhile, I’d love to tell you in this blog, how you can look for new and latest music. So here I am telling you about the top 5 places for the latest music.

Top 5 places for the latest music

Hello everyone!

I belong to Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru! It is the capital of the south Indian state Karnataka. It is now the IT hub of the country with all the big names like Infosys, Wipro etc and other tech companies have their biggest presence.

Where we got our music

Top 5 places for latest music

The city was a lot quieter and calmer back then and by that I mean in the 1980s and 90s and was kind of “a retired man’s capital”. There were music shops in the city. I don’t know how it is elsewhere in the world, but Bengaluru had these shops where one could go to purchase audio cassettes. I remember one on St Marks Road Bengaluru which was known as “The HMV house” and they had cassettes, LP records, and magnetic tapes. It was an old stone building built in the early twentieth century in the Tudor style. The place now has become Hard Rock Café!

Top 5 places for the latest music
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Changing times

A few years later there were some other shops that came up and some are there to this day. Planet M is one such place around Brigade road in Bengaluru… But haven’t times changed? How many people today actually go to a music store to buy a CD? CD what is that? Compact discs and DVD’s or digital video discs would soon disappear I guess.

Imagine what Planet M (reviewed at selling apart from CDs and DVDs… they sell toys, mobiles, and PC games. It’s not entirely their fault and they are fast adapting to the changing environment and needs. It is their survival strategy. They apparently have a Suite M which gives a musical experience and I recently read a review that rates it very high. That’s good for them and I appreciate their enterprising outlook, they are scaling up to the need of the hour.

The way we listen to music has changed

But getting back to the topic, the way we listen to music to has totally changed today. Nobody buys CDs or DVDs anymore. Everything is online. You feel like listening to any song? It’s available online. Need an album? Download it. The IT guys are not going anywhere to buy music they do it online.

Where do we go to?

So if all music is online and you need recommendations for the latest music where would you go? Which are the best websites to get the latest recommendation? That’s precisely why I wrote this blog Top 5 places for the latest music. Here I’ll tell you where to go for all music (less Indian music which I shall deal with in another episode). I have gone through a number of sites to find which has a latest music recommendation section and they are listed below. I am also subsequently going to review these music websites to kind of guide you as to what they have to offer, should you need to go to them.

Top 5 places for the latest music


Next time you feel like listening to something new try one of these places and if you already are familiar with these do drop in a comment.

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Happy music to you!

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  1. Thank You Madhu

  2. Yes, true how music is consumed has changed. It is a challenge and an opportunity for those trying to make a mark in music.

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